Sunday, March 20, 2016

Listen to the Spring

So Jeff wanted to make these large, nine-sided cones to use like giant ear trumpets. For listening to things. Here's Kenan cutting parts.

Component assembly.

It took some head scratching to find the best way to put these things together.

With several heads working together, we eventually figured it out.

Opal was relatively unimpressed.

The spectators were supportive.

Cosmo climbs.

Matt looks.

Brenda listens. (Dick took this one.)

Almost finished. (Jeff took this one.)

Jeff tries one out at the soccer field. (Gretchen took this one.)

A pair of listeners. (Dick took this one.)

They are waiting for you up at the soccer field. (Jeff took this one.)

Oh, right, you want to know if they work. Yeah, they work. You might say they create an enhanced acoustical space. You can hear stuff. It's really fun. They also work like megaphones if you feel like shouting.

Come listen to the spring

Wednesday, March 2, 2016