Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A good sign

This is a good sign, don't you think? (It's on the way to Spruce Pine.)
I mean that literally. Which is to say that I'm not saying this is a sign of something good (or something good to come), although it's possible that it is if you are in need of janitorial supplies or equipment. I'm just saying that as signs go this is, you know, a good one.

The giant hand is a bold and appealing graphic. I like the way it goes from upper right to lower left, which is the opposite of the way we read things. I like they way they placed their phone number in the black sleeve. And I really like the way the giant finger seems to be checking for dust on the top of the purple band at that bottom of the sign, which isn't really depicting anything (it's just a band of color) but becomes a physical presence because of the visible pressure on the finger (I mean is has to be pressing on something, right?).

The word "supplies" is a hair too close to the finger and I'm slightly puzzled as to whether they sell janitorial supplies or food service supplies (probably both). The whole sign is actually a bit crowded and busy (too many elements) and would be improved by taking out "food service concession supplies" entirely--it would be less confusing and gain some needed quiet space. But all in all it's a pretty good sign.

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