Thursday, July 10, 2008

Birthday roundup

First Vance Evans turned one and he threw a barn burner of a party at Tim and Astra's.

Paul was very relaxed.

Rommie was ready for hunting season.

Then Tom Trout turned 60 and threw a great party at the community center. I forgot to take a picture of him because I got so involved in shooting off the high-pressure water-rockets that Zoe brought along from her job doing science shows for kids.

It was great. We managed to get both of Zoe's rockets stuck in a tree. Then we got Gib's giant slingshot that he uses to get climbing ropes into trees. It took some practice, but these guys finally shot a weighted line over the right branch and we shook the tree until the rocket fell down. Then we had to do it again for the other rocket.

Then Daisy Pred and Kalen Freeman turned one with an excellent picnic.

Kalen would like to be a writer or maybe a librarian.

Daisy is considering a career in the rodeo.

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