Wednesday, April 15, 2009


An old friend, who lived with the Goldsteins for a little while, recently posted this picture on his Facebook page. It's Silver House, where Lisa, Gavriel, and kids were living when I first moved here. It was in a hollow to the right of the road into Silver Cove (part of the AMS campus). You can see Falcon House (which would have been recently constructed) in the background, just to the left of the roof. Silver (which sported the longest horizontal stovepipe I've ever seen) has been gone for years. I think the fire department got to burn it for practice, but I might be wrong about that.

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T.J. said...

looks just how it did when I was living in falcon . we were not supposed to go down there but when it was to cold to sneak out to the river
we would go to silver hang out .
Sandor went through the floor a few times but being two thirds his weight I always felt safe , plus I made him go first .