Wednesday, August 19, 2009

36 Hours in New York

Last weekend, Tammy and I went to pick up a truckload of equipment for Penland School. Why would we do this? Because it gave us 36 hours to goof around in New York City. I'll put more pictures on Flickr and Facebook, but here is a little sampler.

This is the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which you will recognize from dozens of movies filmed in New York. Tammy wanted to go for a walk there because she's seen it in dozens of movies filmed in New York.

Here's Tammy at Sahadi, the amazing food importer that has been supplying Ten Thousand Things Coop with Polish cherries, seven-layer halvah, Zoe olive oil, and many other important items for more than thirty years. We thought a pilgrimage was in order.

This is the High Line Park, which just opened this summer. It's a city park built on an old elevated train platform. It offers views of the city and the river, it's a pleasant place to walk, and it demonstrates genius-level design: from the walkway surface, to the sections of track left in place, to the benches, to the wildflower-and-grass landscaping, every part of this little park is a model of what cities (and designers) can do when they are doing things right. Dick Kennedy, put this on your destination list.

For free entertainment, you can't beat the Staten Island Ferry at sunset. (Really, it's free, they don't even charge you a quarter anymore).

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Rebecca Moyer said...

On the lower west side, right? I used to see them from below, full of weeds, when Chuck took me to the art galleries over there. I'm so glad they fixed them up well instead of tearing them down!