Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who knew?

Well, some people must have known, but I had never been inside of the Fastenal store in Burnsville before (right across from Glen Raven). They have some nice contractor tools and supplies, but it's mostly this amazing selection of fasteners of all sorts. I had no idea this kind of inventory was available without going to Asheville. They sell in lots of 50 or more, so it's no help if you only need 3 bolts, but if you are looking for a bunch of M8 x 50mm x 1.25 pitch socket head machine screws (as I was), this is the place.


Miles said...

yeah, that place is just what you need when you need that sort of thing.

createniks said...

It's beautiful in a way. Nicely organized and clean. I wish my storage room looked that nice...or any part of my work space.