Friday, May 27, 2011

He shoots! He scores!

Nate Allen and the Knife and Fork team won again in the quarterfinal of the WNC Chef Challenge. Thanks to brilliant dessert, they took it by a slightly wider margin than their first round, but, in the opinion of this eater, the competition was a bit tougher this time. Highlights? A quail dish that included an piece of parmesan crust and a bit of olive creme brulee (K&F), perfectly grilled octopus on an arugula salad (the competition), and the almost indescribable K&F dessert, which was described like this: Picholine olive and Marcona almond croissant with olive pit custard, almond honey, thyme blossoms, and deep-fried castelvetrano olives.

The semifinal is on June 6. More info here.

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