Friday, February 10, 2012

Marvin Gardens

We've been spending some of our Thursday evenings at The Pizza Shop in Spruce Pine playing Quizzo--a team trivia game written and hosted by Alan and Wendi Gratz.

One of this week's questions was, "Two of the yellow spaces on the Monopoly board are Atlantic Avenue and Ventnor Avenue. What is the name of the third yellow space?" Our team member John Geci eventually came up with the correct answer, Marvin Gardens, with the help of many incorrect suggestions from his team and this diagram. I was happy we got the point, but even happier with this drawing.

If you are interested in playing Quizzo, it happens every Thursday at The Pizza Shop. Maximum team size is six. Reservations are recommended (765-4583). This isn't a beat-the-buzzer game; answers are written down. 

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Brian G. said...

I spent many a snow day playing Monopoly at your house!