Friday, October 10, 2014

A million views and counting

  A YouTube screen shot with a rather large number.

Just in case there's anyone left who doesn't know about this, I thought I'd go ahead and report.

In 2012, Jeff and a bunch of our friends and neighbors spent an afternoon assembling a giant version of what is normally a tabletop demonstration called a pendulum wave. You can read our previous posts about this project here and here including a video of the pendulum wave in its original location in the soccer field. After a few weeks, Jeff took the structure down and reassembled it at his house, greatly improving the release mechanism and adding little chimes and strikers so it acquired a musical component.

Late in August of this year, a group of kids from Camp Celo came over to Jeff and Margot's house on a Sunday morning to watch the pendulums. One of the adults who came along was Maria Ikenberry, and she made a nice video of the action. She posted the video on her Facebook page where it has now gotten 315,800 shares. She also posted it on YouTube and from there it was picked up by a website called This is Colossal,. Then it was on Huffington Post and a bunch of other widely read websites. As of this evening it has gotten 1,071,616 views on YouTube.

If you do not account for one of those views, you can watch it here.

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