Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Radio Ridge

So I've been driving up to Clingman's Peak, near Mt. Mitchell, every Tuesday morning to collect rainfall data and rainwater samples that I send off to the University of Illinois for a long-term study of the contents of rainwater. This is a job I took over from Miles. Right next to the rain gauge station is a chain link fence. On the other side are some buildings and four tall towers with lots of broadcasting gizmos on them. I think one of these is the WNCW tower. I've been told that some of the others have to do with various emergency service radio networks. None of them look like cell towers.

This week Nancy went with me and when we got there, the gate was mysteriously open. There was no sign of anyone, so we did a little exploring. It's a spectacular spot with rock outcroppings and breathtaking views, along with a bunch of electric transformers, a huge propane-powered generator, the towers, and all these horizontal structures that carry cables from the towers to the mysterious building (it's larger than my house).

There were also some surveillance cameras, so I expect we're now in some homeland security archive now. Fortunately, Nancy looked great in her green woolen cape.


Keenan said...

Sounds fun! Can I come sometime?

Katey Schultz said...

Thanks for the unique chance to see this. The shots look otherwordlyt, yet I look over at that ridgeline so often. Glad you shared these.