Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Farewell, old buckeye friend

Margot sent over a picture of this drawing, which is Gina Maria's tribute to the huge buckeye tree with the marvelous swing that, until just recently, was the backdrop to Randy's garden at the Celo Inn (click this picture so you can see it bigger). Alas, the tree and its swing had to come down.

Randy said, "Imagine your favorite pair of shoes...eventually your feet grow to the point that it hurts to wear them.  With sadness you retire that pair and get another that, hopefully, you love as much.  In the case of the tree, it had simply outgrown the space that was available for it.  Roots from the tree filled every garden bed, even the greenhouse -- it was a very happy tree with all that fertile soil to feed in."

Nancy said, "The roots and shade were eating the garden.  The trunk and limbs were listing toward the power line.  The leaves provided a lifetime of mulch.  When it bloomed each May, the bee symphony was a spectator (or what’s the audio version of that word?) event.  In this world of change, it’s a small thing to grieve, but I will."

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