Saturday, September 19, 2015

Porsche 914 Day

Apparently it was Porsche 914 Day in Spruce Pine on Friday. There were seven all lined up and two more than weren't able to park with their little friends. They were so cute.

Through the weirdness that is the Internet, I was able to determine that the owners of these cars must have been participants in Okteenerfest, a Porsche 914 gathering in Banner Elk. The "teen" in the event name must refer to the "fourteen" in 914, but I can't figure out why they spelled it with a "k." Maybe because they were having an "Oct" event in September? 

SEVERAL DAYs LATER: someone has obliquely pointed out in the comments that Octoberfest is spelled with a "k" in Germany where it (and Porsche) comes from.


who me? said...

Could it be "Ok(ay)?-teener Fest?" Either way, "--teener Fest" sounds pretty dopey to me.

Garnet Morgan said...

Seems to me that it is a reference to Oktoberfest