Saturday, June 24, 2017

Change of Address

Artist, teacher, dancer, and friend-to-many Paulus Berensohn had what he referred to as a "change of address" after a stroke and a short stay at Solace hospice in Asheville. He was buried on June 18 in an elaborately decorated cardboard coffin at Carolina Memorial Sanctuary, a green burial site near Asheville. A large group of his friends were there. Facilitating was our old friend and neighbor, Ruth Ostrenga, who is part of the Center for End of Life Transitions

Paulus lived near Penland for 30 years or so. He had a remarkable life. Here's a story about him from the New York Times. Here's a tribute to Paulus that was presented at last year's Penland benefit auction.

I'll miss the sound of his voice.

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