Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Barack the Vote!

This is Paul Feldman, Yancey County's Number 1 Obama supporter, calling voters in Texas to encourage them to vote Obama and to remind them about the crazy Texas primary/caucus system. Paul and Bonita Luz were good enough to organize a calling party on Sunday at their offices in Burnsville. About 20 people showed up and spent a couple hours with call lists and cell phones, leaving messages on answering machines, talking to mostly nice people about the election, eating snacks, and feeling good about being part of things.

We used every part of that house for making calls.
(Tim took this one.)

Here's Jeff Goodman discussing health-care policy on the back porch.

And here's Carl Peverall calling Texas from the back yard.

The way things are going, our votes in North Carolina might even count for something this time.

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