Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tal passes the red/white blindfold test

Tal Galton displaying his ability to distinguish red wine from white wine while blindfolded with my hat.

Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but several of us remembered reading in the New Yorker and/or the the New York Times about a red vs white blind taste test in which expert wine tasters couldn't always make this basic distinction. I found the New Yorker article, but couldn't find anything in the Times. The New Yorker piece is by Calvin Trillin and documents his attempt to corroborate that such a test was ever done with wine experts. That part is inconclusive, but he gets involved in some impromptu testing of his own and decides that "experienced wine drinkers can tell red from white by taste about seventy per cent of the time, as long as the test is being administered by someone who isn’t interested in trying to fool them." It's a pretty amusing story.

Our group of not-particularly-experienced wine drinkers were five for five with the red and white wines that happened to be in Jody and Jennifer's kitchen.

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